Sunday, September 05, 2010

Anna Little On Bob Grant Show At 12:35 PM

NJ-6 Congressional Candidate Anna Little will appear live on the Bob Grant Radio Show this afternoon at 12:35 PM.

The show can be heard at 770 AM radio (WABC) or by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

She did GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Did Bob Grant ask Anna Little why she didn't respond to the questionaire that sent to her? Did Bob Grant ask Anna Little how she plans to cut taxes and eliminate our enormous $1 trillion Federal budget deficits?

wiser than that.. said...

Anna's a vet campaigner: she knows no good can come out of filling out one-issue,special-interest questionnaires!!-they twist and ram your well-meant statements back atcha, and/or give it to the opponent to twist.. if Frankie wasn't so afraid of debating,I'm sure she'd be happy to tell her views all over the district, but like the wimpy little "girl-candidate" he always was and still is, he'll just stay quiet, hide, and blow millions on tv and from the union halls,lying again to the masses, except this time, they/we won't stand for it!!..

Veritas said...

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently said that our $13 trillion + national debt is the greatest threat to our national security. We currently add more than $1 trillion to that debt each and every year.

Anna Little has proposed cutting taxes. She hasn't said how these proposed tax cuts that she favors would impact our national debt. She hasn't come even remotely close to proposing over a trillion dollars in annual budget cuts.

If Anna Little lacks the courage to tell me how she plans on cutting taxes while also balancing the budget, then she she doesn't deserve my vote.

Mullen: National Debt Is A Security Threat

US National Debt Clock (real time)

Bayshore Bob said...

Yes Anna has a plan to cut the deficit.

Stop spending.

Also when you cut taxes it spurs economic growth which will actually mean more tax revenues.

Kennedy and Reagan proved that.

ambrosiajr said...

I thought he was dead.

Bayshore Bob said...

you thought who was dead.
Ans so what newton was dead does that mean he did not prove gravity exists?

ambrosiajr said...

Anyone here know what the hell Bayshore Bobby is talking about?

I meant Bob Grant...haven't really heard from him in a while, so I thought he was dead. And if he was, no great loss since he advocates for the sterilization of anyone on welfare. Even though some on welfare just need help for a little while. Does Anna Little believe that too? Just asking.

Nice try said...

oh, disgruntled doubters,why don't you email her site and ask all your transparent and lame,Dem talking-points questions that eternally just get us into more multi-generational debt??.. it took many years of buying votes with every entitlement under the sun, it'll take a strong hand and commitment to change behaviors to go back from "me-first"entitlement to personal freedom and responsibility, electing those who at least want to cut taxes so businesses aren't afraid to hire, and halt the nonsensensical, porkulus crap windfalls, that only kept the old codgers for too long, in that cesspool we call the Congress.. nobody said a magic wand can be waved, Anna will start finally be voting the right way for her district, and if enough like her get in this year, MAYBE we can get some sanity and freedom back, and that's A BIG MAYBE, at this point!.. so, just because your boy and his statists have failed,and made things tons worse in a mere 20 months, stop speaking so simplistically and stupidly!!..