Monday, September 06, 2010

Open House

MMM is moving to tomorrow.

If you happen to be on your computer instead of out enjoying the fabulous weather today, feel free to stop by the new place. The movers are still bringing the furniture and the exterminator will be busy getting rid of the bugs for a few days or weeks. As time goes by we might even add a new window or two, but our new home is just about ready.

If you stumble across any bugs, or anything that bugs you, leave a comment, here or there.

Happy Labor Day and Happy Birthday to Governor Chris Chrisite!



Anonymous said...

Uh-oh... Vic Scudiery is sponsoring the new one? You should talk to Vin Gopal, I'm sure he'll be willing to advertise his newspaper here as well.

Kathy Baratta said...


Really. All kidding aside, (I don't know why I feel compelled to "help" you), you really need to change the masthead. You want to keep the "Biased" part? Fine. Then change the masthead to "Biased "but" Fair." You can't be biased AND fair. Even the language doesn't hold up let alone the assertion. The way it reads now is, grammatically speaking alone, an oxymoron.

See. That proves my good intent. I let that last line go without a smart-ass, followup observation.

Think about it Art. You now have the opportunity to "class up" the joint without spending any money!(This is what I meant about the emoticons, they help in some areas)


Biased "but" Fair; NOT

Biased "and" Fair."

Sleep on it.


P.S. As an editorial aside: you can choose to keep this email between us no matter what you do or don't do or publish it. Of course, it's your decision.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Art,
take advice from herLOL

Be what you want said...

ps: Art,it's your damn site: say/call it what you want, while we Americans still can!