Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Holt To Ask Cable TV Companies To Pull AD

By Art Gallagher

Congressman Rush Holt, JR is asking NJ Cable TV companies to stop running this ad, "What Does Rush Holt Have Against Israel", because of a “blatant lack of any semblance to the truth,” according to an article in the Star Ledger.

"Blatant lack of any semblance to the truth." That's an interesting choice of words. Original too, if this google search is any indication. While Holt's spokesman may have coined a new phrase, there is one thing the statement is not---it is not a statement in support of Israel.

The ad was paid for by the Emergency Committee for Israel, which has produced four similar ads in other states since its founding in July. It is run by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, evangelical Christian activist Gary Bauer and conservative writer Rachel Abrams, according to the Ledger.

So far the Holt campaign has not contacted MMM to pull the YouTube video of the ad posted yesterday. Just because we're Fair and Biased, we'll post this video of Holt instead in this story.

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It's only starting, Rushie said...

waa waa,I love to hear the lib hypocrites cry, just as soon as somebody calls them out and tells the truth, on one of their failings!.. that's beneath a 5? 6? term incumbent, so obviously, Sipprelle's got him terrified, which he ought to be: am predicting a big win for Scott: is running a well-financed, focused race, and carrying out his plan pefectly, thus far!