Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rush Holt is a gratuitously vulgar hypocrite.

By Abram N. Spangel

On his website, Holt points to a letter that he wrote to his then two Republican competitors for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. In this June 7, 2010 letter, Holt calls for the Republican nominee to pledge to join him in “running a campaign that the voters will not only be proud of but excited to take part in.”

Just over two weeks later on June 23, 2010, as soon as schedules permitted, Rush Holt or his staffers arranged to post an interview that Holt conducted with Stephanie Miller on the blog "Fuck Conservatives".

Given that some 95% of the resident’s of New Jersey’s 12th congressional district hold positions to the right of Holt’s radical agenda, I suppose that Holt is sending almost all of us an indication of how much he respects his constituents’ opinions as well as a window on his character. All decent constituents will criticize Holt for his lack of judgment which was gratuitously offensive and proved Holt’s hypocrisy.

Surely a sitting United States Congressman could have found a more respectable forum to convey his ideas. While Holt has the right to disagree with the more than 250,000 independent, undecided, and Republican voters in the district, he should do so in a manner more fitting for a representative of our district.

Postscript: It seems that the trough feeders that support Holt are too busy gorging on government spoils to show their “excitement for taking part-in” Holt’s re-election bid: Holt is resorting to paying his door-knockers $10 an hour to perform campaigning typically done by candidates and the constituents who believe in them.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Holt and his minions are pretty disgusting. I think the voters in CD-12 are finally tired of this guy.

jr said...

Stephanie Miller is nationally syndicated on radio. My blog has nothing to do with her show. It was a recording of the interview

5-4-3-2-1 said...

bye, Rush, go back to being the "rocket scientist", and blast out of CD 12..