Monday, November 05, 2007

Kleinberg implodes

Marlboro Mayor Robert Kleinberg made a bad situation worse today when he spent seven minutes live on the radio with NJ 101.5's Jim Gearhart. Click here to listen to the disaster.

Kleinberg's campaign issued a flyer that included complementary quotes from Gearhart and others that appeared as endorsements. Gearhart and his friend, Gannet columnist Bob Ingle were livid. Ingle, who posts once a day on his blog, issued a second Sunday morning post calling for Kleinberg's defeat. Gearhart canceled a scheduled day off get on the radio and spend the morning bashing Kleinberg.

Kleinberg got on the air and foolishly denied that the quotes were intended to be viewed as endorsements, but rather, "to let my children see that people say nice things about me." Kleinberg also blamed the flyer on a campaign consultant. Any campaign consultant that let Kleinberg on the air with Gearhart today to take a lame defensive posture has about as much a future in politics that Kleinberg does at this point. Zero.

This can't be helpful to the Republican candidates in the hotly contested 12th district legislative race, or the county Republican candidates.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a train wreck.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Gearhardt needs to grow up.
If you say nice things about someone that person can tell other people that you said those nice things.
He is really so full of himself. Quite frankly I can not understand why people put any credence in what he says. I do not find him entertaining or all that intelligent.
Of course I must admit that Klienberg is imploding. But is anyone really suprised. Marlboro is another town where I do not think I would drink the water.

Barry Goldwater said...

This guy has made so much trouble for himself, it's sad.

I have avoided this Kleinberg thing on my blog, letting it play out on its own. I don't want to bash him, and have it spread to Beck et al. But, frankly, he does not deserve support.

As you say, I am also worried that this bozo will drag Beck down so much that the 12th and Monmouth County could go down with him. The silver lining is that both Kleinberg and Karcher are concentrated in Marlboro, perhaps minimizing his impact among karcher voters already.

One more day.

Anonymous said...

Ya just gotta love Kleinberg...the Democrats best friend. He will surely help Ellen GOTV in Marlboro, just by being so dumb. First cursing the kid out at the BatMitzvah ( hope I spelled that correctly ) and now having Gearhart blast him for 4 hours...Go Ellen Go!

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't have his consultant he had when he won the first time.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a human train wreck. It is actually spelt Clown-Berg. What an idiot. He may cost us the 12th. Nice work fat head. Could you imagine that he wanted to be a Freeholder. God help us. He deserves to lose and surely will now.

Anonymous said...

I never listen to 101.5 after what that station did to JOB. But, I listened yesterday. Kleinberg was just awful. I though maybe it was his opposition calling in pretending to be Kleinberg because no person could be that stupid on purpose. Hey "Doctor K", thanks for costing us the Marlboro vote in the 12th.

Anonymous said...

These last few days have shown Clown-berg for who he really is. He is a media hound, always looking for attention and the headline. Darling of the Asbury Park Press - enough said. He is hated by so many it is sad. They say some love or hate some politicians. Everybody truly loathes this guy because it went to his head. He has become an ego-maniac that thinks he is above everybody else. Its a shame because he may cause the Senate, Assembly and Freeholder candidates to lose Marlboro. In the end this guy was going to implode. Its a shame it had to happen now.