Monday, October 12, 2009

Caliendo-Gopal PAC Still Unregistered

The Blue Monmouth Political Action Committee, formed by Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo and former West Long Branch Chairman Vin Gopal on September 29 has yet to register with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), according the the commission's website.

On October 2, MoreMonmoutMusings reported that the PAC held a fundraiser for Matawan Democrats on September 30. At that time Gopal said that the PAC members had raised over $40,000 for Monmouth Democrats, that they had 10 days from September 29 to register by law, but that he would register the PAC the following day.

Time's up Vin.

In addition to Gopal's political activities, he is the publisher of the Monitor Newspapers. The Monitor was to be the successor to The Courier, the once wonderful Bayshore weekly owned by the Azzolina family, but that sale never closed.

In his capacity as publisher, Gopal has been issuing ultimatums to candidates, campaign managers and municipal chairs:

Dear Candidates, Campaign Managers & Party Chairs,

We have still not received your questionnaire for the election edition of The Monitor.

The absolute final deadline to send your questionnaire in (at the bottom of this e-mail) is Tuesday at 3:00pm. Any questionnaires that are not received by Tuesday at 3:00pm, there will be a space near your candidates name and picture showing the dates and times we attempted to contact the candidate regarding the questionnaire and a list of all the attempts given for the candidates and/or local parties to respond.


Anonymous said...

I will bet my hard earned money that this unregistered PAC is the vehicle that will be financing Patrick Short's campaign in Middletown. Short is no stranger to ELEC violations and petition fraud.

Anonymous said...

Good no Republican should be filling out the survey. Why would you allow Gopal to screw with your answers.

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been any proof that he has ever screwed with anyone's answers?

Please do post any article or anything of any bias ever in his papers.

You guys are pathetic.

I wonder why the Reps don't go over Michael & Diane Gooche for anything even though their front page news story is them hosting a fundraiser for Christie.

Anonymous said...

and he's not making any money off of his Democratic activities, look at the ELEC report - hes donated $2,400 to Sean Byrnes.