Monday, October 12, 2009

Marlboro GOP Charges Mayor With Using Taxpayers's Resources For Political Gain

Marlboro Mayor Hornik sends curiously timed email message at taxpayers’ expense three weeks before election

Thinly disguised campaign propaganda sent to thousands of Marlboro residents raises ethical questions about of taxpayer dollars and township email list

October 9, 2009 [Marlboro, New Jersey] – Just three weeks before a heated township council election, Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik this week emailed a four page letter promoting his accomplishments to thousands of Marlboro residents using a proprietary township email list at taxpayer expense, raising serious questions about the use of taxpayer dollars for political purposes. City Connections, a private firm that provides website and email support to municipalities, broadcasted the letter under the direction of Mayor Hornik’s office. City Connections is under paid contract to Marlboro Township to support its municipal website and provide email support.

“The township email list is a proprietary list, which is supposed to be used to inform Marlboro residents of important township information”, said Selika Josiah Gore, Republican candidate for Marlboro Township Council. “ It is not supposed to be used for a four page pat on the back, at taxpayer expense, three weeks before a heated election. What the Mayor has done is transparent, it’s unethical, and it’s wrong.”

Carol Mazzola, also a candidate on the Republican ticket, said the timing of the letter left no doubt it was campaign related. “Jon Hornik has been in office for two years” said Mazzola, “and coincidentally, three weeks before a council election with control of the council at stake, he decides to send out an email on the taxpayer’s dime detailing all the wonderful things he’s supposedly done? Come on.”

Jack Zatz, a third Republican Council candidate, pointed out that this is the second time in two weeks that Hornik has inserted himself into the Council race.

“I guess we should be flattered that the Mayor is so worried about us; first he tries to get our fundraiser cancelled, now he crosses a major ethical line by using taxpayer funds and the township email list to send out a thinly disguised political flyer. This kind of behavior is exactly why we’re running- to keep an eye out for these kind of shenanigans which cost taxpayers money.


Anonymous said...

The republican candidates are either really dumb,really desperate, or both.

The Mayor of Marlboro has been sending out updates since his election, for free, using the township email service. He has posted reports on the website and released them to the public, all for free at least twice in two years.

While many towns have an Office of Public Information - usually a paid position to do public relations for the town - Marlboro cut this expense and uses free services to reach the residents.

The letter to the town, written by the Mayor, was released electronically for free. The written version was mailed by the FREE township news letter, which charges businesses ad space to pay for all expenses.

This press release is reflective of how petty and foolish these candidates have become in their quest for public office.

Zatz's comment that the Mayor is inserting himself in the council race is perhaps the most foolish. He has now released two press releases on the Mayor - who is not running for anything.

Chris said...

To respond to the first Anon, email broadcasts are not free. Like socialized healthcare, just because taxpayers foot the bill, it doesn't mean they're FREE! Any company will charge you to broadcast emails to a big mailing list. Even if the mayor and township don't pay separately for each email broadcast (not sure what the terms of the contract are), then its price would be built into the annual fee that is paid to that company.

Anonymous said...

like this is something new.
Incumbent Politicians from both parties have been doing this since
In Tinton Falls I got a letter from the Mayor a week before the election on Borough letterhead. Funny I didn't get one for the 4 years before that. Guess what, he got unelected.
Thats what it takes to stop this stuff. The public has to displat their anger in the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

You are fair and print truth. Regardless of politiacl philosphy, even I, a Marlboro Republican have to wince at the local GOP here. To Hornik's credit, he has been open about all his plans and doings as Mayor. This email went out to subscribers to the town's email news. Hornik has done this since day 1 and it has been used to inform the residents of both township news and accomplishments, even those accomplishments attributable to GOP councilmen like Steve Rosenthal and Rosa Tragni. Examples are the budget, cost cuttings, closure of town hall to save money and even Rosa's shared services for the pool club. So lets report fairly If the Republicans complain about open government they will be viewed as old guard republicans seeking to hide behind closed doors in back rooms. These candidates NEED HELP from someone who knows how to run a campaign. JEN!!! PLEASE HELP THEM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone PLEASE get rid of Gibardi!!! If this is how he runs an election we will never see another Republican elected in Marlboro.

Look, lets be realistic, the issues the Republican leadership are pressing are 1) a botched fundraiser, 2) a candidate serving our country and 3) a letter to all residents and nothing else. Why aren't they addressing the real issues? Because they don't know them or know how to do better than the current Mayor and Council.

Gibardi should have been working harder on distinqushing his candidates from the Dems. He should have started this campaign in February, during budget hearings. He should have done more to unify the three factions of Republicans in Marlboro. He blew it on the budget, he blew it on the fiscal issues and it is costing us again. He is not a unifyer nor does he have any political savy.

This campaign is limping alone and the GOP leadership is the reason.

The Democratic leadership over the last 4 years has re-branded their party and their municipal leadership, Party leadership and candidates went out to each ethnic group in Marlboro and got them involved in the election. They unified themselves and then the town. They then went to work de-unifying our party. They did a job aiding in our own discontent with our party and played the GOP like a fiddle. If they were a football coaching staff, they planned, watched the film and designed a great gameplan. They picked apart our offense and had a defense set up for every play. That is leadership, not what we have on the Republican side.

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gen.,
The Mayor using the public service Email to send accomplishement is a Truth regardless of the Election. However in the meantime the Coucil need check and balance for Democratic controlled coucil.
Let's face it, if republicans & Independents can not get any seat in the coucil, Rubberstampping coucil can hurt great deal of the residence. Let's make a diiference elect Republicans & Independences.