Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Illions: Thompson Arm Twisting for Sipprelle

Conservatives with Attitude! blogger and NJ Conservative Party Executive Director Michael Illions is reporting that the presumptive incoming Middlesex County Chairman, Assemblyman Sam Thompson, is issuing threats to municipal chairs and candidates who are supporting Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre over Scott Sipprelle in the CD 12 race. Read his post here.

Word out of last week's screening committee was that Thompson was visibly upset when Halfacre beat Sipprelle 22-14 in the screening committee poll. Since then several municipal chairs have complained that Thompson had instructed them to stay neutral in the race while issuing his own endorsement of Sipprelle.

So far no one has called upon Jimmy Carter to monitor the convention.


Anonymous said...

I actually support Sipperelle but I can not understand why these chairman can't just state their case and let the rank and file decide.

It is not the ndesicion of one person loose the dictator complex

Anonymous said...

Illions is a dope so i doubt there is much, if any, truth to this. Besides, he's bitter at the Republican Party and isn't even a member anymore. Isn't he now a Whig or a Know-Nothing or a member of some other equally relevant party?

Anonymous said...

Illions is not only a dope, he's not even a Republican. Him and halfacre can whine together after the election to re-inflate their egos.

Anonymous said...

Hey why no space to post comments on the article above this one? How funny for anyone to think that Halfacre's endorsement of Christie made a difference to anyone. Nothing against Halfacre but the ego thing is getting absurd, the guy is a mayor of a postage stamp size town. FYI to Art - Nobody is impressed with the title "public servant" especially those of us who actually serve the people through charities and do not make a penny, much less $7,700 a year for do nothing jobs. BTW did any of those jobs include pensions or other benefits?

Art Gallagher said...

Hey why no space to post comments on the article above this one?

Because Sipprelle's friends, family and staffers were gate crashing.

Anonymous said...

"Illions is not only a dope, he's not even a Republican."

Sippy wasnt a Republican from 1991 to 2000 and from 2001 to 2007....that doesnt stop you from supporting him.

Anonymous said...

Art, I love you but this not allowing comments is not a ggod thing. Thats were most the fun comes in.

I also disagree that halfacre did not go negative firsty. Even if you think that a few dem donations is relevant. ( I don't but apparently a lot of people do so any smart politician would run with that) The whole not a registered republican thing was bogus.
Can't b;lame the other guy for hitting back.

But hey I guess its your blog so you can do whatever you want. Just trowing in my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

Art your latest post about crying wolf is a bunch of nonsense.
He registered as a republican somewhere along the way likely do to a clerical error, he became unaffiliated. Really what the F is the differnce! Quite frankly they are both acting like morons.

Then you do not allow comments on te article. Just because Sip will not let you interview him.

You are killing your credibility man

Anonymous said...

It really is sad and shows that even the writer realizes how stupid these positions are becoming, but as he says it is his page so he can do whatever he wants. Still worth to come here and read the posts, just now it is like reading the comics instead of the editorial page. Gotta say the smell of desperation makes one wonder the motivation. It is an unfortunate statement of the state of affairs and the reason many republicans don't vote in primaries, those running are so nasty and meanspirited no one would ever support them but for the fact that the dems in the general election are even worse. This is why you won't see someone like Sipperelle run more then 1-2 times and the low lives running our State and local governments run again and again and again.

Ashley said...

I think its great to see that bloggers like Illions and Art Gallagher are sticking their necks out to report the truth about what is really going on in this race. It seems more and more like we are dealing with the Obama/Reid Pelosi tactics when you see and hear the Middlesex team in action. Keep blogging, and stay the voice for the people!

Michael Illions said...

Illions is not only a dope

I think dope is a little harsh, don't you? And please use your real name. Don't hide behind anonymity. Be a man for a change, it's fun!