Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sipprelle Foresakes "11th Commandment"

In a release that would have been published here in its entirety had Scott Sipprelle kept his word to debate his opponents or alternatively agreed to an interview, the self proclaimed Wall Street insider accused the candidate he lost the Middlesex County Screening Committee poll to, Mike Halfacre, of running a negative campaign of "Half-Truths."

The sad irony is that Sipprelle's release contains numerous distortions and ommissions.

He even sourced my interview with Halfacre to Politickernj and Save Jersey. Why he is using my material and crediting others for it is not all that of a mystery. Sources close to the Sipprelle campaign said that Scott was very threatened by the content my "Questions for Scott Sipprelle" post, and that he considers a critical look at his record and proposals to be a major threat to his campaign.

The pro-choice Sipprelle questioned whether Halfacre is really pro-life.

Sipprelle said that Halfacre is not really a "tax cutting Mayor" because he voted in favor of Fair Haven's school budget while a board member in 1994 and 1995.

Sipprelle said that Halfacre is not really a businessman because he "raked in well over $100,000 in taxpayer money from 7 different part-time public jobs, including 3 at the same time." That comes out to less than $7700 per year over the 13 years that Halfacre has been a public servant.

Sipprelle said "Governor Christie said that people like Halfacre should be "kicked out" of the system." Christie never said that. In fact, Halfacre's endorsement of Christie during last year's primary, while Sipprelle was donating to Democrats, was considered a major blow to Christie's opponent, Steve Lonegan.

Sipprelle concluded his statement as follows: "As this campaign continues, and Mike Halfacre grows even more desperate, I expect his attacks against me will only intensify," continued Sipprelle. "From this point forward, the next time Mike Halfacre hurls insults at me, I ask all my fellow Republicans in the 12th Congressional District to consider the source."

"The next time" Mike Halfacre hurls insults are Sipprelle will be the first time. Halfacre hasn't insulted Sipprelle. He has raised legitimate questions that Scott would rather not answer.

Republicans of the 12th district should consider both sources...a dedicated public servant with a 20 year record who is raising legitimate questions regarding his opponent's commitment to core Republican principles or a wealthy newcomer who obviously is surprised to have a fight on his hands and doesn't like to be questioned.

That Sipprelle is going on the offensive is a sign that his strategy of refusing to answer legitimate questions or defend is record is not working. He could easily put the issues that Halfacre has raised and the questions I and many others have to rest with honest answers. One can only conclude that he fears that the Republicans of the 12th district will not like the honest answers.

Time's a wastin' Scott. Your best last shot to turn this around is to sit with me or Rooney.