Saturday, September 04, 2010

James Hogan Is The Ideal County Committee Person

County Committee people of both parties throughout New Jersey take note: James Hogan of Long Branch is putting you to shame.

Hogan was a Tea Party guy before there were Tea Parties. A regular guy,an Average No One as he named his blog, who, distressed over the direction of his country, got off the couch (metaphorically, Jim is no couch potato) and started taking action to make a difference.

Two years ago Hogan jumped into politics by running in the primary for the GOP nomination in CD-6. The GOP establishment treated him poorly, not even allowing him to speak at the nominating convention. Yet when the primary was over he offered his help to the nominee, Judge Bob McCloud.

Now Jim is a Republican county committee member from Long Branch. When he found out that there was no one running for the seat from his voting district in the June primary he knocked on his neighbors' doors and asked them to write him in. They did.

With no organizational support, no fund raising, no one to asking him to, Jim is working his district, for GOP candidates and spending his own money doing so.

Note to party establishment leaders who feel threatened by the emergence of so many newly engaged citizens like Jim Hogan and Anna's Army: There is nothing to fear from patriotic, committed, passionate citizen volunteers who want to make a difference and want nothing in return. Not if your heart and head are in the right place.

Note to Wayne Pominowski: Make James Hogan the Republican Of The Week.


James Hogan said...

Thanks for the kind words Art. I'm just out trying to do my part and what I think is the right thing to make a small difference in this world for myself and the people who are my neighbors. An R of the week recognition would be great, but it's not what I'm after. Besides, there are plenty of more deserving Rs; yourself for starters, Anna Little and her entire campaign staff have been working hard for months, Jim Granelli and the Neptune Rs are doing their part on a local level, I see Counsilman Joe Irace in Oceanport in the local papers working hard on a local level and even making sure Oceanport is represented on a state level... again, there are certainly many more well deserving Rs out there than me. In fact, that there may be other committee people who may not be actively doing their part doesn't mean I should receive any special recognition for doing the work I wanted to do when I asked my neighbors to come out to vote for me, it means they should be getting a phone call from the County Chairman asking why they aren't doing their part, or phone calls from their neighbors asking why they have a committeeman who isn't doing their part, but that's just my $0.02 - and UncleO will probably take half of that too.

Either way, thanks again and keep up the great work yourself. Art for R of the week!

Anonymous said...

Alright Art,I will